by Alissa

One of the features of life with Ace is the occasional opportunity to base a vacation (for me) around his work travel. In other Decembers, math conferences have taken us to Windsor/Detroit and Toronto. We just returned from Melbourne, where the girls and I explored many lovely playgrounds, parks and museums while Ace did something about math.

This was my first trip somewhere other than the grocery store in nearly a year, and Melbourne did not disappoint.





I love to take in a place at walking speed, and a friend loaned us the perfect double stroller for our quest.

Baby S has been outside as long as she was in, and is starting to really feel like one of the crew. Her best moments included testing the many swings of the playgrounds we found along the way.

O and I took turns choosing and re choosing our journey each day–through the centre, Carlton, Fitzroy, Collingwood, Abbotsford, and over the Yarra to the Botanical Gardens. This yielded two trips to the zoo (family membership is much more affordable than at Taronga in Sydney, and now we have reciprocal visiting privileges), two visits to Collingwood Children’s Farm (O thinks holding a guinea pig is the best thing to ever happen–please nobody tell her they aren’t just farm animals), two visits to the Melbourne Museum, and one great day where we visited Art Play and the Children’s Garden at the Botanical Gardens. On my birthday Ace joined us for a visit to My favourite place from our first trip to Melbourne, the National Gallery of Victoria-International.

None of my Australia baggage applies to Melbourne. So many stunning gardens. So much beautiful food. So many great places to go and be. So many moments of delight in motion with my girls.

Did you ever see that animated mouse immigration movie, was it An American Tail? There is a rousing song the little mice sing about there being no cats in America. It doesn’t hold true in the end, but I remain similarly convinced that there are no roaches in Melbourne.

What a great city!