Garden in spring

by Alissa

Trivia: in Australia, the calendar duration for spring is September 1-November 30. If this is no surprise for you, you may be intrigued to discover that spring in most of the Northern Hemisphere is tied to a natural event and begins with the equinox, when daylight hours equal the dark hours, usually around the 20th of March. It’s autumn there now, since the equinox fell September 23.

Amanda (my cake friend at Enchanted Fig) reminded me of this, the confluence of equinox and Rosh Hashana, and the feeling of a year, a new season. It feels like spring here now–warm sunny days and so much volunteer lettuce in the garden we have a nightly salad. After switching off the space heater. Before the mosquitos come out in earnest.

But why change the season on day 1 of the month instead of using the equinox? My sample set of one Australian neighbour and one Australian friend couldn’t supply a definitive answer.

“I reckon it’s because we are too lazy to remember,” the neighbour said.

I read something vague about “bureaucratic reasons” online, but this calls for further research.

Here is the garden now: lilly pilly seedling planted while my mother was here from a fruit hanging over the fence from next door, the shrub that is not an olive (still working towards id for this), and our third generation volunteer lettuce with a second planting of beans.