Spring rain

by Alissa

Today the girls slept in past nine, the early morning light muted by rain clouds. Our park plans with friends dissolved hours before we knew it, but O was undeterred. Really, just a good reason to wear rain boots. I had to agree. We could go to the shelter in the park at the Foreshore and practice biking there. It’s one of those skills we have been ignoring on our giant hill, but the time has come.

Yesterday she worked for hours on her balance bike, coasting down the cement pad behind the house, imagining lifting her feet to catch the pedals on her big bike. She is So Close.

Below (still working out technicalities of the thumb blog) you will see the park at the Foreshore. Nice view of the city.

“Choose a path to the old train shed while I take a photo of this yellow tree,” I said.

And SWOOP. See the black and white bird? A living dinosaur was coming in to dive bomb my precious baby! Nesting season for the magpies. And somehow four-year-olds in bike helmets are seen as a major threat.
This happened once before, when we first got here, but I had forgotten about the timing. Also, we avoided this park for ages. And will now again for a while. Must research the duration of nesting season.

The best image of the day will not be displayed below. As the bird came back again and again to make us unwelcome–think of something the size of a large crow swooping at you from behind–I picked up the bike and shook it over my head, sheltering us from a direct hit, shouting as we ran across the field and out of range. Mothers defending their young.

We skipped the risk of attack in the shed for a long moist ride up the Foreshore, a visit to the museum, and the return ride back to the car. Past the park, where we repeated the bike hefting/obscenity shouting bird encounter, and into the shelter of the car.

And she wants to ride her bike again tonight! Love this girl and her determination.