Two years down

by Alissa

Hello, Friends!

Thanks to Ace today, I am now set up to write you thumb blogs from under the sleeping baby on the couch.

Friday marked two years since we arrived in Newcastle. The themes remain the same: driving, creatures, gardening, staying and leaving.

As with last year, we did nothing momentous to mark arrival day. O, who has doubled her age since we moved here, asked to hear the story again, how we arrived at the airport and Ace took us on our first inverted drive. We talked about looking right and keeping left, and she pointed out with some concern that we were on the American side of the road. Then I got to explain divided roads.

“I miss the Jetta,” she said.

“It was a great car,” I replied.

But two years in, it’s getting hard to remember what the steering wheel on the left even looked like.

The once empty apartment is now thoroughly inhabited. Rug. Instruments. Pet fish! The baby we made here has started flinging avocado and banana chunks onto the carpet. I finally bought a lamp.

I have been in Australia more days in a row than I have stayed anywhere since before we left Montana when I was 14.