The Pavlova

by Alissa

Hello Dear Readers, and welcome to what I hope will be an active new season of the blog!

Some great things have happened the past few months:

I helped build a beautiful and all-consuming community portrait project.

We welcomed our first little Australian to the family the end of February. She likes to eat, and to sleep, so I’m feeling ready to start writing again.

A video chat portrait by my sweet sister.

A video chat portrait with Baby S by my sweet sister.

And a long-awaited guest post I wrote about Pavlova is up my lovely friend Amanda’s food blog, Enchanted Fig! If you like eating cake, reading about cake, or reading about eating cake she’s your woman.

What is Pavlova?

… a thing of beauty: A snowfield of meringue—lofty, billowing, at the last moment chewy like compressed cotton candy. Above that, a spreading mound of whipped cream. Above that, a confetti mix of strawberries and kiwis scattered and layered, swimming, trickling, bleeding tart juices into the cream. It took up the better part of an entire cookie sheet. …

Click on over to Enchanted Fig to read the rest, and to browse Amanda’s delectable recipes–there is plenty of goodness beyond cake, too!

Special thanks to Cara in Waterloo and Rebecca in Newcastle for getting me started on the Pavs, and to Amanda, for so many shared meals in Vancouver and now this internet food moment.

The sun sets too early this time of year to get a daylight photo, but you get the idea...

The sun sets too early this time of year to get a decent photo, but you get the idea…