she: true stories

by Alissa

Some big things have happened here lately:

1. We had our first huntsman spider in the house today. The girl spotted it as I opened my cupboard this morning to get dressed. “Mommy! A HUGE SPIDER!” After watching it scurry up the slick  door and disappearing inside out of reach (and freaking out a little), we decided to shut the door and not get dressed. After three phone consultations and stocking the fridge with beer for the colleague that was coming home for moral support as Ace dealt with the spider,  he came home and, evaluating the options, smacked it dead with a stick. Really a shame to kill such an agile and useful creature, but well executed.

2. Ace got a terrific grant to support his research (and pay for someone else to do his teaching) for the next three years. This is nice and all, but I’m really impressed with his single death blow to the spider.

3. I finally posted a story to the community portrait project I’ve been coaxing into existence for the past six months instead of blogging/cleaning house: