by Alissa

I talked with my lovely sister today and she said I sound kind of down on the blog lately, and am I actually? I’ll save the saga of my battle with the bugs for another time and just say this:

It’s not easy to start over, and I want to be honest about that. Also, I think I’ve been latching on to mediocre trivia because life in general is going wildly well for us at the moment, and I feel weird about admitting that while so many of our friends elsewhere are struggling with hardships and illness and there isn’t much we can do to help from here. Despite the awkward moments and stresses moving somewhere (anywhere) new brings–we are well.

Ace has a great job, as far as jobs go, and he’s on break from teaching until March. That job is in a place with a lovely climate, a decent civil society, and really friendly people. I realize not all of you are ready to part with your current places, but if you’re thinking about jumping ship, come to Australia! We like it here. It would be even better if we could share it with you.

There isn’t much in the way of Australia anxiety right now that isn’t cured by a stroll down to the water.

Sunset at our nearest beach.

Sunset at Susan Gilmore Beach–named for an American ship that wrecked here July 4, 1884. Everyone survived. We like to go down after dinner and poke around in the tide pools.