Things I swore I’d never do / bad parenting down under

by Alissa

We went to an indoor playground (#32) to meet up with some friends last Friday. It was blazing hot outside, so the risk of infectious disease and the cost somehow seemed worth the AC. O loved the ball pit, the bouncy castle, and the teacup ride. I did not love the tea cup ride, but I braced my eyeballs and my inner ears, gazed intently at my swirling baby, and did not throw up. It took a couple of minutes to stand up and walk away when the ride stopped. I’m still a little woozy.

In the end, she lost her little i.d. bracelet–the one we had to match with mine to get out the gate, and the bravest person I know in Australia went rummaging around in the balls to find it. She came up with, not spiders, not dust bunnies, but a half-eaten black pear!

For the record, unlike the swans, pears do start out green here.

O found her bracelet around the corner on the floor.

Two days later she came down with a cold. I parked her in front of the computer (#5) to watch some Beatrix Potter. Then Ace tried bribing her to stop her cranky whining by offering her chocolate (#8).

Last night walking home from a glorious beach walk, the still sniffly girl said in her nicest voice, “I’m sorry for yelling so loud earlier.”

“Aw, thanks, sweetie.”

“Now can I have some chocolate?”