Where to be born in 2013

by Alissa

Today Australia seems like an excellent strategic choice for our next generation. If the Economist is right about where to be born in 2013, Octavia and her hypothetical siblings will be well positioned for happy, stable lives: second place only to Switzerland.

This is the kind of semi-meaningless statistic I want to take comfort in right now. What excessive good fortune!

Although if Switzerland called, I wouldn’t hang up right away. Ace and I spent a beautiful winter and spring there 10 years ago, riding the trains, taking just enough classes to warrant our student visas, filling our lungs with Alpine air, filling our minds with the simple dreams of new love.

[These did not include Texas. Or infertility.]

If we’re going to reproduce in 2013, it will take a miracle. Making O took three bleak years, but when she came I fell in love with life again. She made us a family. She made Ontario home for us. As long as we acknowledge that she’s still a baby–as she hops on one foot and asks for stories about when daddy was a boy in the desert–I can put off the vulnerability and potential grief that trying for another baby might hold. Still, it’s somewhere on this strange new horizon.