Ace’s first photos from Newcastle

by Alissa

Cockatoos in their native habitat–the maths building. This was the first image he sent. You know I don’t really like exotic birds. I know I’m going to have to get over the fact that they aren’t exotic in Oz.

Eucalyptus/gum trees! Ace’s new office view is like this but higher up. Apparently they make the air smell “amazing”.

Because every university needs its own travel guide. The City of Newcastle is very proud of their Lonely Planet ranking. I hope I will be, too. Right now it is still a mostly blank spot in my imagination.

Bar Beach. And he said he was going house hunting.

Really. He’s finding a place to surf, drink coffee for us to live.

He’s there! We are not yet. In the meantime, Ace is sending us elated glimpses from the other side. There is a fine gold-lit window for video chats when it’s early morning there and just post-nap here, on the days that Octavia actually naps and Ace isn’t out “house hunting”. Today was a non-nap day at the end of our first week on our own–which we spent with the young cousins (4 and also 2), and occasionally with their hard-working parents. I’ll write another post about toddler conflict management later. Right now, I’m just happy to see my husband enjoying his first days in our new place, and that O fell asleep “early” tonight.